Never bet your wife to cover a great poker hand

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Never bet your wife to cover a great poker hand

 I used to be a poker player and I thought I was pretty good. I was good at telling who was bluffing and who had a good hand, or so I thought! I was an aggressive player and over the past few months I was winning more than I was losing with the guys I play with every Friday night. They were always trying to bluff me or call my bluff but I always seemed to keep one step ahead of them. It seemed like whenever there was a big pot I was right there with a flush, a straight, or a full house. Rarely did anyone get four of a kind or higher. That's where my story takes a tragic turn.

I was getting ready to leave Friday night, it was around 7:30pm and we usually get started about 8pm. My wife never goes with me because of the ciger smoke and the jokes and even the tokes on a blunt or two. Tonight she was bored and decided that she was going "just to watch". I protested but it was of no use, as a black man in an interracial marriage I have learned that sometimes white /women/">women want their way and there's nothing you can do about it.

When we got there I got several dirty looks from my poker buddies but they were polite to my wife Linda. Linda is a hottie, she's 5'10" about 155lbs. with long blonde hair. Her measurements are 38-26-40, with a butt all black guys crave, they called her "bootylicious" when she was not around. Linda was wearing a low cut top that showed her cleavage and a short black /skirt/leather-skirt/">leather skirt that showed off her legs. I thought this would work to my advantage because the guys would be distracted making it easier for me to take their money, and it was working. I could see them glancing her way everytime she walked by to get another beer or check my cards. One milf porn videos hand she bent forward to see my cards and I could see right down her shirt as did all the other guys still in the game. I bluffed that pot and several blowjob porn videos others using this technique, I was winning big!

As the night went on a few guys lost all their money and were out of the game. My stack of money was the biggest and I was feeling pretty cocky. T-Bone was also doing well, he was my biggest rival and it seemed to always come down to him and I to see who would win the most money. Some nights we would go "all in" and it was winner take all! I noticed T-bone looking at my Linda and I thought he was not paying attention so I raised and he reraised and then he won that hand, causing my stack to be about half the size of his.

The next hand was incredible! I was dealt three Kings and when we drew our cards, I picked up a fourth King! I was trying to be cool and checked to T-bone and he raised, so when I reraised he said "All in!" He knew that I did not have enough cash to cover his bet, but I knew I had him and showed my wife my cards. She said she didn't have any money with her so T-bone said "You lose" and started to scoop in the largest pot we have ever played for!

I was /crazy/">crazy because I knew that I had the better hand so I yelled "What a minute Bro!" I whispered in Linda's ear and she said "No Way!" I pulled her back down and whispered that it was a sure thing and that she had nothing to worry about. T-bone said "Put up or Shut up!" so I counted the money and I was about $1500 short, so I said Linda would cover it. T-bone said "She already said she didn't have no money, so are offering her up to me for the night?" He was being sarcastic but I said "YES!" I was hoping he would say yes so I could flop out my hand and laugh in his face!

He wanted to get it straight, that meant he could have sex with my wife if I lost the hand and I agreed knowing there was no chance of that happening. Linda was nervous but knew I was going to win so she said "Whatever you want and these guys can watch" Linda was only trying to coax him into losing his money until he said "Alright but no backing out"! I was holding her hand and I flipped over my cards and said "Read 'em and weep!" and reached for the huge $5000 pot. "Not so fast sucker!" and when T-bone flipped over his hand I almost had a heart attack! He had four Aces and my wife's knees buckled as she couldn't believe it! I was stunned and T-bone wasted no time in claiming his prize.

He left the money on the table and walked over to Linda and she was backing away saying "Honey this is a joke right?" She was not even thinking that she would have to "pay up" but T-bone was insistant and there was nothing I could do! I said it was only a joke and that I would get his money for him tomorrow. He cornered my wife and the other guys said "A bet's a bet and we get to watch!"
T-bone unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor and his huge semi erect cock flopped out! He took Linda's hand and put it on his penis and she was /scared/">scared! He put his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her to her knees. Linda looked so scared and she looked at me and said "Tyree are you gonna let this happen!?" I could not stop it so I told her to do it fast so that we could get the hell outta there!

She just looked at his cock and it began to grow! She knew that the longer it took the worse it would be, so she reached up and started stroking T-bone's /boner/">boner. She looked over at me with a look of pissed off that I have never seen and then she slowly, gently put his big black dick in her /sweet/">sweet white mouth! She used her right hand to cup his ball sack and her left to stroke it while she pressed her lips farther and farther down the shaft until she no longer needed her hand and she was deep throating him! The guys all starting cheering and hollering while patting me on the back hard and thanking me for bringing my wife to "Poke-her Night!"

Linda was busy covering my bet as T-bone ran his hands through her sweet blonde hair looking right at me! She was actually getting into it and I could hear her slurping and breathing through her nose as she went up and down again and again! It seemed like a long time as she continued to pick up the pace and I noticed her left hand had a pretty good hold of his ass and was pulling him into her face! She added her other hand and we were all mesmerized, even T-bone as she used her hands and face to make his cock disappear!

She was defenitely getting into it as she went all the way down on his thick veiny cock and stayed there, sticking her tongue out and licking his balls with an enormous cock deep in her throat! Her hands were massaging his ass and T-bone reached down to cup her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits inside her blouse. All at once T-bone tensed up and put his big hands on the back of her head and held it there. This was not really needed as she sensed what was about to happen and pulled his hips forward pressing her nose into his pubic hair! T-bone moaned "Here I Cum!" and started to cum in my wife's mouth, a lot! He was shooting loads of cum into her swollen cheeks and I could hear her gulping and gulping for several minutes! The other guys were clapping and slapping high five's and enjoying the show! After he came for a long time and she had swallowed it all, she actually licked his dick and her fingers to get every drop!

I did not know what to do next but she walked over to me and kissed me deeply and pushed a mouthful of T-bone's cum into my mouth causing me to gag! She then grabbed her purse went back over to T-bone kissed his cheek and walked out the door, leaving me in the room with my poker buddies and all at the same time they said "SNAP" and broke out into laughter.

I don't play poker anymore and my wife has moved in with T-bone and told me she wants a divorce. Damn those four Kings!