Sexy Office HR

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Sexy Office HR

Hi guys i am Rahul from Pune. I am 24 yrs old workin in a small IT firm. I have been a vivid reader of this site for numerous sex stories. So i thought of sharing my experiences. I had number of experiences but today i ll tell about an exp which i had recently in june. Well i am 5.8 wt 66kg with fair built.

I got as an intern at an office in Jan 2011.The office had total 15 people since it was small one. There were two HR Poonam and Ayesha. Poonam was around 35 married with 1 child. Ayesha was around 26 unmarried. Ayesha was a damn sexy babe she used to wear /indian/">indian dress always,the kurta always used to be deep neck reveleaing her cleavage when she used to sit and some1 used to stand and see her. It was month of march lights had gone and we just sittin and chattin Ayesha was sittin with 2 girls on the office couch and i was standin and talkin to them. Her dupatta was on at proper place. Suddenly while talkin her dupatta slid down. I got a nice glimpse of her cleavage it was so awesome.

Now i could make it out that her stats were 36-30-34. Within a minute she saw it, she understood i was lookin der and she gave an angry look and put it back. Then lights came and i went porn videos download to my place for work.One day i was at my desk doin my work she came very close to me i just got her boobs touch for a sec. She said u have been enjoyin this place lots i believe she said this with a double meaning. I said yes. She said that she like me lookin at her and her cleavage. She asked mera cleavage kaise laga? i said its awesome its just busty amazing. She naughtly smiled. xxx Then she asked me aur dekhna chahte ho? I was stunned i said i would love to. Then she said but where? i said at my place coz all at my place work. She said wow.

Then one day we both took leave givin some reason. I picked her up from some place and i was driving home. She was stuck to me i could feel her 36D boobs. When we reached home we were talkin for aroun 15 mins. Then she removed her dupatta and i was seeing her cleavage she came close to me. I started kissin her and she was playin with my body. Then she unzipped my pant and started rubbin my cock. My dick size is 6.5 nt very big but indeed good to satisfy. She was playin with it and i was in her boobs. Now we undressed each other she was wearin nice black color bra nd same color thongs. Her boobs in that black bra were lookin like heaven. I removed her bra and panties and started lickin and suckin her tits and one hand was fingerin her pussy.

Then i told her to eat my dick. She started lickin my dick and suckin it. She did that for 10 mins. Then i licked her pussy, She was a virgin this made me more horny. I entered my dick into it and her pussy gt torn apart blood started comin she was yellin. There were tears in her eyes which made me stop fuckin her. Then she said its ok its /first-time/">first time thats y i am cryin. Plz just fuck me apart now. I started fuckin her lots i was on her fuckin like anythin and she was moaning lots.Then she came on me and started riding my dick. She reached her orgasm and got down. Then i fucked her more in doggy style and then she gave me a blowjob for 2 mins and then i cummed on her boobs. We lied nude for some time then she went to clean her self in shower even i went and we cleaned each other.After some time had sex again in afternoon for 1 hr. Next day we met at office and we were fuckin each other thru eyes.

I hope u liked the story there are more of my sex sessions with Ayesha i ll tell u soon.