Walking To The Pub

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Walking To The Pub

My name is Pierce Chase, and I am 22 years old. I am the first one to admit that Im not a very social person. Its not by choice, its just the way I am. I dont have many friends, who am I fooling?, I dont have any friends. The only people in my life seem to be the people I work with, and they all talk about me behind my back.

Of a night I find it hard to get to sleep. The /doctor/">doctor said my insomnia was most likely stress related. Ive never really thought about it. To pass time I often walk the streets. Walking the dark and empty roads seems to relax me. On this particular night I was walking down Crawshaw Crescent. It used to be the main street of town, now its full of pubs and vacent shop windows.

I walked into one of the pubs. I hadnt been in a pub since I was 19, and Im not much of a drinker, but tonight the pub seemed rarther inviting. I sat at the bar and order a drink. I dont know why, I didnt even want it, but I drank it anyway.
A man sat down at the bar next to me and ordered a drink. I couldnt take my eyes off him. I tried not to stare but I couldnt help it. He was so handsome, and so sexy. Im not sure if he noticed the way I stared or not, but either way, he started talking to me.
After only an hour we were getting along like old pals, but then he told me he had to leave. I wanted more time to talk to him, even if it was only the time it took to walk him outside, so be it. So I told him that I had better leaving too.

When we got ouside there were already a few cabs lined up. Pubs are good business for taxi drivers. We walked up to one of the cabs and he asked if I would like to share the taxi. alain lyle porn I eagerly accepted and we both got into the back of the car.
After about ten quick minutes the car came to a halt in front of an old brick apartment block that indian santali xvideo was in desperate need for maintenance.
"This is my stop." He said. "Would you like to come up for one last drink?"
"Sounds great." I said eagerly accepting his offer.

We got out of the back of the cab, split the fee and walked up to the apartment block. We took the elevator up to his floor. The /trip/">trip up we both were relitively quiet. We entered his apartment and I looked around the room. It definately looked better on the inside.
"Make yourself at home." He said. Going into another room.

I sat down on his sofa, trying to take everything in. Being in his apartment made me feel uneasy. I havent even known this guy for an hour and a half. He came back into the room and handed me a drink, and sat down next to me.
"You know what?" He asked with a smile.. "We havent even introduced ourselves."
"Im Nathan Haulcroft." He said.
"Pierce chase." I replied.

Then once we started talking my nerves melted away. When we finished our drinks we kept on talking. We mustve been talking for over an hour when he rested his hand on my thigh. He looked me in the eye with a sly look and leaned in for a kiss.
Our lips met and his tongue wrapped itself around mine. I put my hand up against his cheek and felt his soft skin. The kiss finally stopped, and he looked me in the eye and said, "Lay on your stomach."

I did as instructed and layed down on the sofa and undid my belt. Nathan yanked down my pants revealing my ass. I looked over my shoulder and saw him taking off his pants and saw his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, wet with pre-cum. He spat in his palm and rubbed it on his penis to wet it up even more. I was a virgin, I knew a wad of spit wasnt going to help much.

He slowly bent over me. I felt the tip of his penis rubbing around my ass-hole and then the head of his cock went up my ass and slowly slid it in and out. It pained at first, after a few goes it was feeling good. Nathan started sliding the rest of his cock in bit by bit until it was completely in and I could feel his balls against my ass.

Nathan started fucking me harder and harder, and I couldnt help but yell out. Nathan moaned louded and louder and I could feel him tense up and I felt /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum shoot up my ass, and he pulled his cock out. I rolled over onto my back and he lent in and kissed me.

He pulled my shirt off and started kissing my chest and licking my nipples. Then he moved down kissing my stomach then he moved down further kissing my penis, and then he slid it in his mouth and started sucking and slurping. I could feel his tongue wrapping around. It was the best feeling. My ass and legs started cramping up and as I let out a moan I came in his mouth and he started licking it up. Nathan got up and layed on top of me and hugged and kissed me.

That night was the best night of my life. We havent met up since, but I will never forget that night.