Special Delivery Part Five

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Special Delivery Part Five

As the alarm clock went off, Brian's eyes shot open. He fought off the sleep that struggled to recapture him as he rolled over to turn off the alarm. He then had a thought and looked back over his shoulder to see Jamie still slumbering sweetly next to him in his king sized bed. He quietly leaned over towards her and gently brushed the hair out of her face and caressed her cheeks for a moment. Then he leaned down and kissed her sweetly on the lips. With that, she inhaled deeply through her nose, and brought her arms up behind his head and, returning the kiss, hugged him "good morning". "What time is it?" she asked as she yawned.

"It's a little after 6:00 a.m. What time do you have to be at work?" Brian inquired.

"I don't have to go in until 9:30. What about you?" Jamie replied.

"I"ve got to clock in by 8:00, but I'm not in a big hurry." He kissed her again and just soaked in her natural beauty.

"Well, if you"re not in a hurry, how about you and I take a little shower together?" She asked with a smirk.

"Last one there has to cook breakfast!" Brian said as he threw the covers off and moved to jump out of the bed and run toward the bathroom. His foot was tangled in the sheets though and as he fell face first on the floor Jamie just laughed and ran past him into the doorway. She turned and checked to see if he was okay and as he looked up at her his jaw dropped wide. She was standing there with her hair tussled up and wearing nothing but one of his long-sleeve flannel shirts. He let his eyes run down her body, drinking in the sight of her incredible legs leading all the way back up to the tails of his shirt... ...Damn, you"re hot." is all he could say. Jamie smiled and began teasing Brian by unbuttoning one button at a time on the shirt, making her way down to her crotch then letting the shirt fall to the ground behind her, pooling at her feet. 

"Well, are you going to come or not?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think I'm definitely going to cum"" he mumbled as she turned to the shower and turned on the hot water. Within seconds the bathroom was filling with steam from the shower. Brian stepped to the sink to brush his teeth first when Jamie asked if he happened to have a spare for her. "Just so happens I went to the dentist two weeks ago" you gotta love freebies, right?" he said as he opened a drawer and pulled out an unopened brush. The two of them stood there at the sink together just smiling at the sight of each other foaming at the mouth. When they finished rinsing, Jamie pulled Brian towards her and kissed him long and hard, probing her 'minty-fresh" tongue against his. As she pulled away, she smiled and said, "I think I could get used to this"" With that she grinned and stepped over and into the shower. Brian felt his heart leap inside of him as he realized that, in Jamie, he had won more than just a one-night stand. He just grinned and stepped in after her.

As the warm water cascaded over her body, Jamie gasped and let it soak in. There was nothing like a nice to wake you up in the morning, especially when you got to share it with the object of your sexual fantasies! As Brian stepped in, she moved so that he could get under the showerhead with her. She handed him the bar of soap she had just been using and as he lathered up with his back to her, she looked around the stall. Behind her was a shelf-like seat that had shampoo and conditioner and a couple of bath oils. Above Brian was a showerhead with a snake-like neck, but then she noticed that above her was a second showerhead with a similar neck. She looked at the wall below the showerhead and found a towel rod and a knob that she turned to find that the one-person shower was really designed for two. "Oh I LIKE this"" she said as Brian turned to see what had captured her approval. As Brian turned around and finished rinsing, Jamie took in the glorious body of her beau. He had an incredibly well defined chest with delicious abs of steel and very little, if any, excess body . She reached her hand out and traced the lines of his muscular chest following them down until she noticed his cock staring up at her at full attention. "Looks like someone else needs a good-morning kiss"" she said seductively. Jamie sat down on the 'shelf" and pulled Brian to her, quickly sliding his cock into her warm and waiting mouth. He instantly shivered as the sensations flowed through his body, chasing all remaining thoughts of sleep away. Jamie just sat there in the perfect position, hungrily feasting on Brian's fresh clean dick. Brian couldn't help but squeeze his eyes shut as Jamie attended to pleasuring him. After a few moments Brian reached down and pulled her up to him, kissing her deeply and passionately amid the showers of water coming down on them. As they kissed, Brian moved so that they traded places. He pulled way from their kiss long enough for Jamie to open her eyes. Brian took one of her legs and hiked it up, placing her foot on the 'shelf". Jamie got the hint and, as Brian placed his hands under her ass, she xnxxv sunny leone video lifted her other leg and placed her other foot on the shelf behind Brian, putting her weight on it. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stared intensely into his eyes as she lowered herself towards his cock. 

As Brian stared lustfully into Jamie's eyes he felt the head of his dick press against the soft, moist flesh of her cunt opening. Her lips gave little resistance as his cock slid in slowly and gently, deeper and deeper into the warm tunnel of her delicious cunt. When his cock had penetrated up to the hilt, Jamie leaned forward, taking hold of the towel rack behind Brian's head and using it as a handle bar. real forced anal against her will She then began using her legs and her arms for leverage and moved her up and down the shaft of Brian's dick. Brian was in . He stood there bracing himself in a constant flex of his leg muscles, allowing the trickling water from the showerheads to rush over his body as his lover rode him like an impassioned cowgirl on a galloping thoroughbred. Jamie was intensely pounding up and down on Brian's dick now, sending waves of interrupted water splashing to the floor with each thrust and letting out a satisfied moan each time she reached bottom. She gripped the towel rack tightly and panted as she felt Brian's dick impale her with each dip and caress her clit with each rise. Up and down she went, letting her head fall back as she reveled in the pleasure they shared. Brian groped at her ass, feeling its tight yet soft flesh flex in his hands as she fucked him there in the shower. His dick was completely enthralled as it explored her cunt again and again. He began letting out soft grunts each time she pulled him deeper into her pussy. The two of them locked eyes, letting their mouths gape open as they shared this magical . Jamie, lost in the moment, mouthed the words, "I love you"" Brian, now floating in the clouds of sexual pleasure, answered boldly, "I love you baby!" The two of them locked lips in a passionate and desperate kiss as they continued their sexual rodeo. Jamie pounded with renewed vigor as she felt Brian's tongue lap at her own, feeling carnal urges rise from her depths, she began moaning louder and louder as they kissed and fucked. Brian's head was starting to spin. He felt his legs starting to shake from the extreme pleasure he was experiencing, but he was not about to let up. Jamie felt her heart start to flood with emotion as she pondered the intimacy she and Brian were sharing. As she pulled away from their kiss and looked into the eyes of her lover, her mind flooded with thoughts of a future with Brian and she felt her eyes dilate wide as her orgasm approached. She dropped her jaw wide in shock. Brian, noticing the change in her, asked, "What's wrong baby?"

"Oh God, nothing's wrong baby! I"ve just" I"ve" never had" a natural orgasm while making love". but I'm" I'm about to have one" oh God" oh God"". She began breathing sporadically and convulsing before starting to writhe and scream in the highest pitch Brian had ever heard" it was so high it became silent! He watched his lover wrestle in the throes of her orgasm and then he felt her pussy start contracting madly about his cock. It was like having a liquid fist fuck his dick" it was pure magic. With the combined sensations adding to his own thoughts of Jamie being a part of his life, Brian suddenly felt the freight train of sperm charging into his dick and barreling towards his . He tensed up and looked straight into the face of Jamie, "Ohhh damn baby!" he grunted. Then his jaw shot open as his head cocked back and his eyes shot towards the ceiling... ...NnnnngggggAWWWHHH!" He grunted as his cum began shooting deep within Jamie's still pulsing cunt. Wave after wave shot into her as he shook in his . After a moment of spasms, Jamie brought her feet down off the shelf, letting Brian collapse back into a sitting position. She kneeled down between his legs and laid her head on one of his thighs, the two of them just gasping in satisfied exhaustion. Both of their chests were rising and falling heavily as they fought to catch their breath.

Jamie, realizing the gravity of what just happened, started to tear up and quiver. Brian noticed and began running his fingers through her hair. "I know it's fast Jamie, but I was serious about what I said"" Jamie sat up and looked into his eyes, hoping to hear those words again. "I love you Jamie. I want you in my life. I don't want this night we"ve shared to turn into a memory; I want it to be our future, baby."

Jamie just started pouring tears and cried, "I do too. I love you so much Brian!" With that she leaned all the way up and hugged him tightly, planting her lips firmly against his. They kissed for minutes before she pulled away and gently palmed his face. "Where have you been all my life?" She asked.

"Looking for you angel. I"ve been looking for you." She kissed him once more and then stood up under the cascading showers. As she held out her hand to him, Brian just memorized her features. Her body was amazing. She stood there like a vision under a waterfall, holding out her hand to him " inviting him to enter into the realms of heaven. He reached out and took her hand as she pulled him to his feet. They embraced and stood under the water, brushing their fingers through each other's hair as if wiping away dust from a rare and valuable archaeological find. They just smiled and gazed at one another until Jamie laid her head on Brian's chest, holding him tightly.

"After a morning like this, work just seems trivial, doesn't it?" She asked.

"Just slightly" heh!" He laughed as he replied. "Wow. So what happens next?"

"Well, we finish this shower for starters. Then we"ve got to get you to work Mr. Man" 

Brian loved the sound of that: "we". And as the two of them finished their shower by soaping each other up and bathing together before wrapping up in oversized towels, Brian couldn't take his eyes off of the woman he felt had already made a permanent change in his life " for nothing but good. As Jamie stood at the sink drying her hair with Brian's hair dryer, wrapped up in her towel, Brian couldn't stop staring at her. He just watched her toss her hair about, shaking it as she waved the dryer about. He was absolutely mesmerized. She caught his reflection in the mirror and smiled back at him. Brian cocked his head with a new thought and started to speak. "I"ve got an idea""