Sweet Treats

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Sweet Treats

All was quiet and things were winding down for the night. I was standing at the sink cleaning the last of the dishes. The window in front of the sink was open and the sounds and smells of summer were blowing into the kitchen with the summer breeze. I was lost in thought when I felt the warmth of hands at my hips. A smile spread across my face as I realized those were slowly making a move up my sides. They were continuing their slow sexy crawl when I felt the heat from breath on my neck. By now my smile was full as I felt the first brush of lips on my skin with goose bumps not far behind. I tilted my head and the kisses trailed, as hot as the weather outside.

"What do you think you're doing?", I asked innocently.

"Just working on dessert", was the reply, in between nibbles.

Hot lips continued to work on the right side of my neck while a hand on my left side moved under my shirt and onto my belly. I was pinned against the sink so there was no where for me to go. The kisses were blazing a hot trail on my neck venturing to the left side when suddenly I felt another hand reach underneath to roam.

"You know, dessert sounds pretty good right now", I said, turning around. I wanted to face those lips head on. I put my hands on his chest and realized it was wet. My hands had been still in the hot sudsy water. "Oops", I said, trying to contain my giggle.

"Oops? That's it? Oops?", he asked. He leaned forward and bent me back over the sink in a /kissing/hot-kiss/">hot kiss. I lost all thought as I felt his tongue probing my mouth. Before I knew it, wet hands were on my chest. Lost in the kiss I hadn't notice him getting his hands wet for a little turn about. The wetness made me stand up straight in /surprise/">surprise. "Hey!", was all I could get out. Water ran down the front of my tight fitting tee and I could feel my nipples hardening. I could tell by the look on his face he could see them plain as day because of the wetness. I leaned back against the sink and said playfully, "That wasn't very nice! I did mine on accident!". 

"Ahh, but mine was too", was the not so sincere reply. 

"Oh really", I said reaching behind me to put my hand in the water. I made a big movement forward, forcing water towards him. It hit him dead on. Water went everywhere, including on me. The look on his face was classic. I got him and I got him good. "OOPS!", I shrieked as I moved around the kitchen island. I knew I had to get away from the sink, and fast. Sure enough he made chase and around the counter we went. I made my way back to the sink but I slipped on the wet floor and had to catch myself. This gave him enough time to catch up to me and once again I was wrapped up in his arms. 

"Now, about that dessert", he said. He leaned in for a kiss but went back to my neck. His body leaned into me and I knew that neck action wasn't going to be near enough and the floor wasn't the only thing getting wwwxxx wet. I didn't think it was possible but I grabbed his waistband and pulled him closer. It was evident he was enjoying this as much as me. His pants were soaked by my splashing episode so I offered the only option possible.

"We need to get you out of these wet clothes. I'd hate for you to catch cold.", I said teasingly. Before he could answer my hands were past the button and working on the zipper. I worked them down somewhat but his kiss was restricting me. He broke the kiss to let me take his jeans down the rest of the way, taking his boxers with them in one movement. I felt a tugging on the top of my shirt. I raised my arms up while he pulled my shirt off. Dessert was sounding better by the minute.

Finally free from his jeans and boxers I slowly made my move back up to enjoy his lips some more, kissing everything I could along the way. Well, that was the plan anyway. However, my eyes saw his hard on and knew that kiss would have to wait. I, on the other hand, could not. I took him in my hand and moved my hand foward. I enjoyed the soft feel of his velvety skin and the twitch my hand caused. He felt so good in my hand, but I knew he'd feel better in my mouth so I leaned forward. My tongue played with the head of his cock before I wrapped my mouth around the end. I love watching him react to what my mouth was doing. Tracing my tongue around the head, worshiping every piece of flesh I could find. Enveloping him completely and playing with his balls. It all made me a goddess. Seeing how my tongue makes him react is alone enough my me wet. I worked him slow at times, harder at others. Sometimes, my tongue would do the work, other times my mouth consumed him. Every once in a while they worked together. He leaned against the island as I worked him over. I teased him with my movements. When he expected slow he got hard and fast, only to change back to slow and calculated. I loved bringing him to the edge and then taking him back down. I didn't want things to stop so quickly so I gave him a break and broke away. I looked up and saw the look of desire in his eyes. I rose up to meet him and before I knew it the wwwxxx his hands were under my arms and I was on my way on top the island.

His hands went right for my jeans. I had to raise my ass off the island but he got them off quickly. Thank God for small favors. I wasn't exactly patient at this point. I helped him out by removing my bra while he got rid of his shirt. 

With nothing to get in our way he went to work. His mouth went right to my nipples while I sat on the island with my legs around him. Like he would go away? His hands were on my back and they moved around to roam my front as well. I leaned back on my hands and enjoyed the feel of his exploring mouth and hands. Then I felt the pressure of his hands, pushing me to lay back. I obliged with a gasp as the coolness of the countertop hit my naked back. It went away immediately once I felt his /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth exploring between my legs. His tongue went for my clit and I moved my legs apart more. No way was I going to hinder his explorations. His tongue swirled around my swollen clit and I thought I was going to cum immediately but it passed. Every movement of his mouth left a trail of heat. His hands moved all over my body as his tongue left no part of my wet crotch unattended. He seemed to know exactly when to lick and when to tease. A hand joined him to help out where his mouth could not be and I heard myself moan. "Oh yesssss baby, lick me like that", I said encouraging him. He was all to happy to oblige and worked me harder. I was so hot I couldn't decipher what was lips and what was hands. My pussy was dripping and it wanted more. He was driving me /crazy/">crazy and all I could do was fill the kitchen with moans, getting louder each time.

"You like this do ya", he said, breaking my thoughts and moans. "Oh, God yes! I'm so hot right now!", I answered. "This", he said with a playful smirk, "Ain't nutthin", and he went back to work. I felt his finger go in deep and his mouth sucked on my clit. My moans were getting louder, my breath heavier. I'm not sure how but I managed to tell him to lick me good and he gave it his all.

I felt like the room was spinning. As good as his oral talents were, I knew I needed more. I wanted to cum with him inside me. "Fuck me!!", I finally pleaded. As good as his mouth was, I wanted more. He hesitated, obviously enjoying my pussy, but I felt him pull me off the counter back towards him. Thankfully he held me as my legs were so weak from his oral talents I'm not sure I could have held myself up. 

"You want me on the floor?", I asked. He had the sexist playful smile on his face and he shook his head. His arms were once again on me and he turned me around so my back was to him. Once there his hands ran up and down my back, on my hips, to my ass. Then he move them to my front, teased /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy and slowly roamed up to my chest. He took a nipple in each finger, gave them a playful tug, then he went in for the kill. I felt him enter me from behind and I bent forward onto the counter and rested my weight on the counter. His hand went back to one of my nipples while his hips began to work on me. He was slow at first and I knew what he was doing. I let him go because I knew he wanted more too but he was playing games. He wanted me to beg. That's ok, I needed some time to regroup after his great eating so I let him take his time. Course that only lasted a minute or two and I was tired of waiting.

"Fuck me", I pleaded. He answered with a hard thrust forward that made me gasp in surprise, but it was followed by slow movements. Once he even stopped. He was good at the teasing game and he knew it. He had all the power and he was using it to drive me insane.

"Cmon baby. Please!! I want you so /bad/">bad! Give it to me!". My begging started strong but weakened as my moans took over. My moaning must have did the trick because he bent towards my ear and whispered, "I'm going to give you what you want.", and got down to business taking me with serious intentions. I could hear him slapping against my ass as he pumped hard into me. He slammed my body into the counter but it didn't phase me. All I could feel was him nailing me hard from behind. His hand roamed to my dripping clit and teased it while he continued his ramming. All I could do was encourage him, and encourage him I did. "Oh god!!! Fuck me baby!" followed by more moans. It must have worked because he somehow managed to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder, although I didn't think that was possible. Every now and then he would slow it down to tease me a bit, but he was mostly doing what he promised and I was loving every minute of it.

"Make me cum so hard it hurts", I pleaded to him. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled myself onto his hard thrusts. 

"You like that?", he managed to ask through a low grunt.

"Oh yes! I'm going to cum baby! Cum with me" was all I could answer. I was hanging on by a thread now. My tits were bouncing with each slam he put into me. We were both sweaty and the smell of sex was everywhere.

"I can't....hold out....any.....more", I moaned between heavy breaths. He evidently felt the same way because he answered back with a hard slam of his body against mine. That was more than enough to send me over the edge. The wave hit me with force. My clit pulsed, my pussy muscles clamped down on him and he was off like a rocket. I couldn't tell the difference between his moans and mine and what twitches were who's orgasm but the kitchen was filled with them. He slowed his pace to ride out our cumming and things slowly got back to normal. He leaned forward against me, wrapped his arms around me and I once again felt his lips on my neck. 

I slowly came back down and was smelling the smell of summer through the window when something else caught my senses. It was the sound of car and it was in the driveway and it wasn't the neighbors driveway.

"Oops!", I shrieked . "I forgot to tell you that your brother was coming by!", I said scrambling for my clothes.

"You got to be kidding me!", was the answer in between legs going into jeans and shirts going back on. Everything was in place as his brother walked in. If he sensed anything he didn't let on. As if everyone looks flushed and sweaty just standing in the kitchen. I could tell by his voice that he was trying to fool his brother but he had to have known what he walked in on. 

Something caught my eye on the floor and he saw it too. It was a /thong/">thong and it was mine. In my haste I didn't get it back on. He gave me a look that said, "We're ok. It's not in plain sight.", but I owed him one for the water fight so I licked my lips and went in for the kill.

"Well, I'm finished up here so I'm gonna take a shower and let you two boys talk. Hey babe, you wanna hand me my undies?", I asked, pointing to the little piece of black fabric laying on the floor. I never saw so many shades of red before as he picked them up. His look changed to devlish as he stretched the thong between his fingers and shot it across the room at me, while his brother looked on in disbelief held together with an obvious smile of envy.

"Thank you baby", I said sweetly.

"Oh yeah, thanks for the undies too", I said as I left the room. 

I'm not sure how the conversation went after that. But I knew I loved dessert.