Cindy vs Jackie smother fight to the end The sequel

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Cindy vs Jackie smother fight to the end The sequel

Cindy got into the cab, she was tired her body ached all over, she had just lost a furious smother fight to Jackie, not only that but also the five thousand dollars they had agreed to fight for. Cindy knew she could easily afford the money but it was the way Jackie had won, forcing her into an orgasmic frenzy while suffocating her unconscious under the heavy pillow had taken her by /surprise/">surprise. Cindy felt certain that if she had not fallen for the sleeper hold right at the beginning of the fight she could have won, she knew her strategy for trying to escape from it had been all wrong, she should have concentrated on trying to pull Jackies arms apart and free her head, instead she struggled like /crazy/">crazy her clit rubbing round and round in all directions on the rubber floor mat as she tried to escape from Jackies iron grip, she hadnt been ready for the sudden rush of orgasmic sensations, and without any warning her hips began thrusting hard into the floor mat forcing her clit to rub even harder back and forth, her hands then lost all of their grip on Jackies arms falling by her side her legs kicked out wide apart as the orgasm suddenly hit her.

This made it easy for Jackie to finish her off. When she came round the handcuffs and clit vibrator were already in place, her hands were secured behind her back, she knew what was coming next but was helpless to do anything. she remembered struggling in a frenzy trying to free her face from under the suffocating pillow, tried to hold back the growing sensations that the clit vibrator was forcing out of her, pulled and pushed her hands trying to get them out of the handcuffs. She remembered the intense orgasm, her furious orgasmic struggles only coming to an end when she slumped back to the floor unconscious, all of the arching up and down, the writhing, twisting turning hips couldnt save her, the suffocating pillow had done its job. She was determined to have another fight with Jackie, but she would wait a few weeks.

Jackie watched the cab pull away, she was happy, another good payday, she had won this fight with Cindy a lot easier than she had expected, she had noticed how well formed Cindy was, slim, tall, and very muscular in a feminine sort of way, and wasnt a bit surprised when the clit vibrator began to work its magic, she always made a point to push down harder on the pillow at this point making it clear there would be no escape, she loved to watch these fit overconfident bitches struggling to free themselves, thinking they can still escape, or even worse, get shown some kind of mercy, no way. She still remembered the last fight, oh yes, she was sitting astride the tits of Stella a professional female wrestler, she had the pillow and clit vibrator firmly in place, Stella was already thrusting her hips up and down her body turned slightly to one side, her legs wide apart,one of them bent sharply her knee pointing out wide almost touching the floor her hands were pulling furiously at the corners of the pillow trying to pull it off her face, then she began to tap the floor with one hand hoping to be set free, Jackie cried out "no way /bitch/">bitch" and pushed down harder on the pillow, this was no tap out fight. Jackie watched Stella grab the pillow with both hands at the same corner pulling with all her strength, she looked behind her, Stellas hips were still making small thrusting motions, her legs still in the same spread position. She turned back just in time to see Stella throw her arms outward, she was now completely still, Jackie didnt show any mercy.

Cindy went back to work the next day, she was a professional tennis player but had a part time job working with female athletes, they were mainly gymnasts, her job was to work with them in the /gym/">gym on various floor exercises building strength and flexibility, finely after they showered she would give them a long massage. Today she was working with Lisa a black gymnast from Africa. During the training session all Cindy could think about was her fight with Jackie, it was making her wet, maybe she deserved to lose. Now, as she had Lisa on the massage bed her mind began to wander again, she let her hands move as if on automatic pilot, Lisa was laid on her back wearing a tiny white bikini, she could see it was a great complement to her black skin. Cindys hands worked smoothly, gently squeezing and caressing Lisas inner thighs moving from one to the other, she couldnt stop herself from staring at Lisas bulging pussy, the thin material had pulled tight digging deep between her bulging lips, Cindy then placed one hand one on each of Lisas inner thighs gently massaging, gently pushing them farther apart as her hands moved slowly upwards, Cindy couldnt help but stare at the large lump Lisa had hidden beneath her thin bikini, she made it her goal, the /clit/large-clit/">large clit would be an easy target, she looked at Lisas face, her eyes were wide open staring upwards, her tits were rising up and down as she breathed in and out, Cindy let her fingers trace the edges of Lisas bikini, for the first time she noticed the wetness spreading outwards, the thin material was becoming see through, Cindy always kept an electric vibrator with a large head for a deep shoulder massage, now as she picked it up and turned it on she watched Lisa swallow hard her mouth wide open breathing hard.

 Cindy turned it on to half strength, this would be perfect, she placed it right between Lisas belly button and her large clit and began to move it in small circles, she watched as Lisa struggled hard to keep her composure, she began to move the vibrator in ever increasing circles, almost brushing her clit, Cindy knew she had Lisa right where she wanted when she arched upwards a few inches off the massage table clenching her teeth pushing her head backwards and closing her eyes tight. Cindy then let her other hand caress the top of Lisas inner thigh her fingers very lightly brushing the thin material, her fingers moved slowly, they began to lightly rub Lisas bulging pussy, Lisas legs slid farther apart, Cindy held the vibrator only a few inches above Lisas clit, Cindy looked at Lisa their eyes met, she wrapped one of her arms around the top of Lisas leg holding it tight, Cindy smiled, "Ive got you now," she said.

Lisa stared at the vibrator eyes wide, shaking her head, "no, no, no" but it was to late, Lisa had tried to act clever thinking she could hold on, thinking she could resist Cindys advances, now she realized her mistake, her head fell back thrashing from side to side, she threw her arms out wide to the sides. She felt the vibrators fury as it rested on her clit, she tried to hold on but it was no use, she cried out loud, long cries of orgasmic pleasure her body writhing on the massage bed her body arching high into the air, crashing back down, her hips twisting and turning, long groans of pleasure as she very slowly came back down to earth. She let Cindy help her back to the shower, what a training session.

Jackie had been very surprised when she got Cindys call, it had been a few weeks since their smother fight and now she wanted another one, it was kind of unusual but it did happen. As she waited for Cindy to arrive she took a shower and put on a tiny /thong/red-thong/">red thong, if this fight went as planned Cindy would have a white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie very close up view of it, Jackie walked around feeling it ride all the way up between her ass cheeks, she expected a harder fight this time but still had a few tricks she could play on Cindy.
Cindy walked up the driveway just as she did before, Jackie was already waiting at the door, they exchanged greetings but both of them knew what they were here for, Cindy and Jackie both put down their five thousand dollars.
Cindy followed Jackie into the same room, and was surprised at how the memories came rushing back, as she stood there in her tiny white thong she looked at the window and noticed Wendy from next door looking in, "what is she doing" she said, "take no notice this fight wont take long" came the reply.

Wendy had seen quite a few fights since Cindy was here, Jackie didnt seem to mind her watching, maybe that would change if she lost but so far she had won all her fights, and they all ended in a similar way. The last fight had ended with Jackie sitting over the face of a beautiful black woman, she had lasted only a minute under Jackies large muscular ass, the clit vibrator had been in place for at least two minutes before Jackie sat over her face, the black woman hips drove up and down furiously before she fell unconscious her arms and legs spread wide apart like a star.

Cindy circled Jackie being very careful not to fall into any trap that would lead to a sleeper hold, it had been working just fine when Jackies leg kicked outwards, it connected with Cindys stomach knocking the wind completely out of her, she fell like a stone, Cindy couldnt stop Jackie as she tied her wrists to two small rings embedded between the floor mats, now she lay on her back her arms tied wide apart above her head. Worse still Wendy was watching everything that was going to happen.
Jackie wasted no time, this was what she liked doing but it was still business, she quickly secured the clit vibrator in place making sure the three straps were tight, then she turned it on watching Cindy begin to slowly twist and turn, she told her "after Ive smothered you out with the pillow Im going to smother you out with my /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass".

Cindy kicked out wildly, she looked at the window, only ten feet away Wendy was looking straight at her, shit, Cindy struggled furiously stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv trying to escape, it was to late Jackie was already back with the heavy pillow, Cindy tried to twist and turn her head as Jackie pushed it down firmly down over her face, it was no use, Cindy opened her mouth wide trying to breathe through the pillow.
Wendy watched Jackie sitting between Cindys arms holding the pillow down hard, she stared hard at Cindys tiny white thong it had already ridden deep between her ass cheeks and pussy lips, and now she could see the wetness begin to appear, she loved seeing these /women/">women struggle wildly as they tried to resist the vibrator while being smothered out.

Jackie watched Cindy arch upwards her hips pushing out wide to the side before crashing back down to the floor her body twisting from side to side as she tried to escape the suffocating pillow, her legs were wide apart kicking back and forth.
Cindy felt herself succumbing to the clit vibrator, she was fighting it all the way, at the same time she was also trying to free her face from under the pillow which was going to suffocate her unconscious, suddenly she felt herself racing past the point of no return her furious orgasm came out of nowhere, her hips began to buck up and down, for a moment she forgot all about the suffocating pillow.

Jackie watched Cindys hips bucking up and down, there was no escaping the powerful clit vibrator, Cindys legs were writhing, wide apart, her hips bucking out to one side, then suddenly it was over Cindy lay completely still.
Wendy watched fascinated as Cindy struggled in a frenzy, she knew she was cumming /hard/real-hard/">real hard, she even felt exhausted as Cindy finely fell unconscious, her long legs wide apart one leg was bent halfway her knee pointing out to the side, her head was pushed right back, Wendy thought this was an erotic sight.

Jackie pulled the pillow from Cindys face and watched as she gulped in a large lungful of air her tits rising and falling as she breathed in hard, then she took up a position above Cindys face her /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy only inches away, she left the clit vibrator on and waited for her to come round.

Cindy slowly came round, when she opened her eyes she was staring right up between Jackies legs, she had a full view of her bulging pussy and hard muscular ass, it was only inches away, the tiny red thong didnt hide anything. She tried to turn her head but it was trapped between Jackies muscular thighs. Cindy only had time to get a quick gulp of air before Jackie sat down completely covering her face, Cindy felt her chest aching, she struggled furiously, a wild fight to free her face from under the smothering ass and pussy. She arched high into the air, twisted, turned, she felt the sudden orgasm hit her again as she drew her legs right back before kicking them outward wide apart, she turned slightly to the side her hips beginning to buck outwards, then she was suddenly still, smothered out for the second time.
Jackie raised herself from Cindys face watching her breathing hard, She knew Cindy had learned her lesson, she untied her hands leaving her laying spread out like a star just like the fight she had a few days ago.

Cindy knew she had lost big time, it was an hour before she made it to the cab.
Wendy had witnessed another smother fight, now she would go to her bedroom and recreate the orgasmic ending.