What a ride

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What a ride

Nikki stopped and wiped the sweat from her brow. She looked up at the blazing Florida sun and groaned. It was only 12 oclock noon and the temperature was already in the hundreds. She had been lost for nearly an hour now, looking for her friends apartment, and her black t-shirt was sticking to her. She decided that if she couldnt find any familiar roads or landmarks soon, she might have to hitchhike.
The decision was made for her. A dark blue mini-bus pulled up next to her and stopped. Nikki was surprised, but waited to see what was going on. The passenger side window rolled down, and a young man, probably about 20, poked his head out.

"Excuse me, miss! Were trying to find route 20 you know where that is?" He asked. Nikki paused to think, before realizing that she didnt even know where she was.
"Sorry...Cant help you." she replied, and started to walk away.
"Wait! I guess your not from around here." The man guessed. "Here for spring break?" Nikki suppressed a smile...she was down here to visit her friends, but spring break happened to fall on this week as well. The whole area was flooded with drunk teenagers and horny guys like this one. At 18, she did look like the average spring break girl, with her short black skirt and tight black t-shirt. But it was too hot to wear anything else.

"Im from up north, but Im not here for spring break. Im-"
"Sure you arent." The boy cut her off and grinned. "Listen, you look like your burning up out there. How about we give you a ride? Theres plenty of room." he said, motioning to the back seats of the bus. Under normal circumstances, Nikki would never have agreed to get in a bus full of strangers, but she was lost, and it was so hot out...she decided to take the offer.
"Do you know where Moon street is?" She asked cautiously.
"Moon street? Hell yea, but its clear across town girl! What are you doing walking there?"
"Im lost...can you take me there? Ill pay for the gas, I just gotta get out of the sun."

The boy flashed a sly smile. "Sure, but you dont have to pay us. Just get on board, its on our way anyway. I think."
Nikki opened the sliding door of the bus and immediately felt the cool rush of the air conditioning rush through her shoulder length black hair. Refreshed, she started to climb aboard, when she noticed another young man, about the same age as his friend, sitting in the middle of the bucket seat. He smiled and waved to her.
"Oh! Hello...I didnt think there was anybody else in here..." she said, not sure this was a good idea anymore.
"Dont worry, I wont bite. Im George." He patted the seat next to him. She closed the door and took his offer, crossing her legs and putting her purse on the floor.
"Im Nikki." She replied, and checked out her fellow passenger. He was a massive young man, very muscular and probably almost 6 and a half feet tall. She was only slightly over 5 feet; she felt dwarfed by him! "Well, Nikki, you glad to get out of that heat?" He asked, starring at her sweat soaked shirt. She blushed, realizing that the cool air had made her nipples harden, and they were poking through her bra and shirt. She couldnt do anything about it though, so she just nodded. "So how many parties have you been to so far babe?"

Tony will kill me if he ever finds out about this...Nikki thought to herself, thinking of her sexxxx video ful hd jealous boyfriend. "I told you guys, im not here for spring break. Im visiting my friends. I just wish this city was a bit easier to navigate."
"Tell me about it!" The man at the wheel said, looking slightly annoyed. "I think were lost again, guys." Everyone groaned. The young man up front dug around in his bag for a minute and pulled out a digital cam-corder. He pointed it at Nikki and turned it on.
"Hey, girl! Whats your name again? Nikki? Tell us about yourself!" Nikki smiled...she liked getting her picture taken. She started to tell them about her home in Virginia, about her job at the diner, and about her plans to get to college next year. She started to talk about her boyfriend, Tony, when the man with the camera stopped her.
"Tony? He your boyfriend?"
"Yes he is." She said, smiling. She knew it crushed guys to learn she was taken.

"He have a /cock/big-cock/">big cock?" The man asked, chuckling. Nikki was stunned...nobody had ever asked her so openly about anything like that.
"Well...I guess so, yea. Hes about 6 inches long or something...I never measured it myself!" Now, all three boys were laughing. "What? Whats so funny?"
"6 inches is nothing, girl. Hold on...the suns coming through your window...I cant really see you..." the man with the camera said. "How about you scoot over...just sit on Georges lap or whatever..." Nikki reluctantly sat on his leg. "Thanks. Like i was saying, 6 inches is nothing...havent you ever seen anything bigger?"
"I dont know...I dont really think about it. I guess ive seen maybe 6 and a half, 7 inches before. But size really doesnt mat-"
At this point, all the boys burst out laughing. "Size doesnt matter?" The cameraman said. "Listen to yourself! Your telling me that if you saw a big, 13 inch cock that you wouldnt want to ride it? Bullshit!" he laughed again. Nikki scoffed.

"Hey! Listen, all of are the ones obsessed with size, not us! I dont care if hes small, hes still my boyfriend!" Nikki barked angrily.
"Hey, chill! Come on...with a body like that, you could get any cock you wanted. You dont have to make excuses up like that!" The cameraman said, zooming in on her huge melons. Nikki couldnt tell what he was doing, though, so she just continued ranting, until George got tired of listening. He started to pull her shirt up from behind!
"Wha...hey! What are you doing?!" Nikki said, trying to pull her shirt back down.
"Im trying to see whats wrong with you. All girls like /big/big-cocks/">big cocks." he said, continuing to work her shirt up. He saw he wasnt going to get it off and started to pull her skirt down instead.
"Hey! Come on...Im not...I told you I have a boyfriend!" Nikki whined, holding up her skirt.
"Yea, but from the sound of it, he isnt much of a man!" George said, and went back up to her shirt. This time, he was fast enough, and pulled it right over her head, leaving her sitting on his lap in her white bra! Nikki tried to cover herself, but George then grabbed her skirt and threw it off, revealing her white thong! She sat there, on his lap in her underwear, while the boys all laughed.
"Whoa! You do have some /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits, Nikki!" The cameraman said. "Bet Tonys cock disappears in them, doesnt it?"

Nikki scoffed again, but she knew it was true...Tony had tried to titty fuck her once, but hed been too small. George reached around her and cupped her tits, squeezing them through the fabric of her bra. "Ouch! Hey, come on!" She said, trying to push his arms away, but he was too strong. Suddenly, she felt something very strange beneath her...she looked down at his shorts and gasped. She thought she saw a snake or something in his shorts!
"Oh, this? Its just my third leg!" George joked as he saw her stare at his cock, hardening in his shorts. Never wanting to disappoint, he slid is shorts off, revealing his already huge and growing cock!
"Wha...its...its huge!" Nikki blurted, unable to take her eyes off it. She could feel her heart racing, afraid at the very thought of having such a large cock in her! She had never had sex with Tony...she was saving herself for marriage! That thing would absolutely wreck her!

George grabbed her by the hair and brought her to her knees between his legs, his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock reaching full size...Nikki tried to back away, but his firm grip on her hair kept her in place. "No...wait! I dont give head!" Nikki stammered, but it was no use. He brought her face down onto his monster cock, and Nikki had no choice but to open wide and start sucking like a slut!
"Yea...there ya go...told you that all girls like big cocks!" He said, pushing her further into his cock.! He leaned his head back and relaxed, enjoying the blowjob he was getting. Nikki could barely fit the head of his cock in her mouth, it was so massive!

"Mph! MMmmm!" She tried to say something, but George kept her mouth wrapped around his cock. "Just do your job, girl." He said, laughing.
Nikki couldnt believe what she was doing...she was in her underwear, giving head to some guy she didnt know! She hated to admit it, but her whole body ached to please that massive cock! She never gave head before, because she thought it was degrading, but she couldnt help herself now! She grasped the base of his cock with her hands, twisting gently, while sucking the tip! She ran her hands up and down the long shaft, desperately trying to jerk him off...but it was no use. She had no experience giving head, and she couldnt make him cum!
" girl, you really suck at this!" George said, laughing at his own pun. He pushed her face further onto his cock, going deeper into her mouth! She felt him poking into her throat, and looked at him with alarmed eyes, but she couldnt stop him! He was going to fuck her throat!

"Lets see you deepthroat this thing, bitch!" George said and pushed his cock right down her throat! Nikki squealed as she felt his massive dick push into her esaphogus! She couldnt even bite his cock at this point, her mouth was stretched open to the very max! He was too hard, would have bee like biting a rock! George could feel her throat contracting and felt awsome. Her throat was literally jerking him off! He pushed further, till his cock was about 3/4 of the way into her, making her gag and cough on his dick! He laughed at her plight, but kept going, inch by inch, till his cock was in her to the root!

"Oh yea...I found something your good at, Nikki!" George said, laughing. He threw his head back again and let her throat muscles squeeze and massage his cock. Her tongue was furiously trying to push him out of her mouth, but all it really did was massage the bottom of his cock. She was helpless!
Nikki could feel him stretching her jaw and throat! She tried desperately to push him out, but he had too strong a grip...she could feel her esaphogus squeezing his cock in her chest...she couldnt beleive what was possible with a big cock! Suddenly, she felt a strange feeling in her pussy...she had no idea what it was but it felt wonderful!
"Oh no!" She thought. "Please...I cant have my first orgasm here!" But it was no use...feeling his massive cock throbbing down her chest was too much...her pussy went wild and with a wince and a deep moan, Nikki had came for the very /first-time/">first time, soaking her white panties!

"Jeeze...look at you, you little bitch! You love my cock so much you came just from sucking on it!" George said, astonished. "Ooh...god...fuck...Im...Im cumming!" He shouted, pushing her head into crouch! Her deep moan had made his cock vibrate, and now, he was cumming right down her throat! There was no option of spit or swallow..the choice had been made for her! His cock tensed, and with a tumult of energy, spewed burst after burst of white, hot cum into her! Nikki watched helplessly as his cock pulsed in her mouth, filling her with cum which went right to her stomach! She couldnt believe it...she had been hungry a few minutes ago, but now, after only 4 or 5 spurts, she was feeling incredibly full! It felt like shed had a full course dinner...and it was still cumming! George saw the look of amazement on her face, and decided to let her see xxx sex video download free com how a man came...he pulled out of her throat and sprayed the last few wads of cum all over her chest!
Nikki gasped as his cock finally withdrew from her mouth, but squealed helplessly as he covered her chest with thick, hot cum!
Finally, George leaned back, genuinely thrilled by what he had just done. Nikki groaned and looked down...her bra had sticky threads of cum all over it! Disgruntled, she stood up and tried to find something to clean up with.

"Damn, Nikki, Ive never seen a girl do that before!" The cameraman said, still recording. He had moved to better film her throat-fuck, and was now in the back with her and George.
"Shut up! I...I dont know what came over me. Look, I just need to get my bra cleaned up before we get to moon street...give me a napkin or something!"
"Give me your bra, I got some wipes up here!" The driver said, holding out his hand. Nikki looked around cautiously...the cameraman was laughing with George, so she figured he was burned out. She unhooked her bra and let her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits spill out, bouncing gently with the ride. She handed it to the driver, who /hung/">hung it on the rear view mirror, laughing.
"Hey! You said youd..." Nikki started to complain, but was cut off when George grabbed her tits from behind her and started squeezing them. "Ouch! Hey...wait...You cant...omygod!" Nikki tried to protest, but his strong hands were kneading her tits and rubbing her nipples, making her tremble in excitement!

"God damn, you got some huge titties, bitch!" George said, and pushed her head down, till she was bent over, her ass sticking out nicely in front of him!
"W...wait! You cant...your too big! Im too small to...UGH!" Nikki felt him push her thong to the side, exposing her soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, and place the tip of his hardened cock at the entrance! "Omygod...wait...please...your too big!" She squealed, but he didnt listen. He gave a push, and his cock nudged into her virgin pussy!
"Hey!" George said, pleasantly surprised... "Looks like Tony never had the balls to fuck you!"
"Please stop...please dont do this to me!" Nikki said, but her boiling pussy spoke louder.

"Heh! Admit it, whore....the only reason youre saying that is cause your afraid of my cock! Its probably a good fifth as big as you are!" With that, he thrust his massive cock into her snatch, breaking her hymen and making her a woman! Nikki almost passed out from the pain...she could feel him stretching her pussy, making her wince and moan at the same time! He smacked her ass and pushed again, this time burying his cock balls deep in her pussy!
"Omygod..omygod...FUCK! Youre...Youre huge!" She screamed, her clenching her face in pain.
"You like it? Tell daddy how much you like it, girl!" George said, smacking her ass again. Nikki couldnt was all she could do to just keep herself from passing out! "UGH! I...I love it! I fucking love it!" She heard herself say.

"Good girl..." George said, now thrusting in and out of her, fucking her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy into submission! Her whole body was being carried with the momentum, and her face was getting slammed into the window she was leaning on! She started squeezing her tits, pinching her own nipples, now lost in the sexual ecstacy! Her pussy was calling the shots now, and it was enjoying the monster fuck it was receiving! Nikki felt her body tensing up again...her pussy was going /crazy/">crazy...she was going to cum again!

"Please...not again! Oohh GOD" She moaned, but it was too late. Her pussy clenched his cock with every ounce of strength she had, and her juices overflowed, soaking Georges crouch!
"Fuck...what a slut we got here!" George said, smacking her ass even harder as she came all over him. Her pussy was the tightest hed ever felt...not only was she a very short girl, but she was a virgin! It was too good to be true...his massive cock was stretching her to the limit! He backed up, bringing her with him, and laid down across a bench seat, which put her on top now! As he suspected, Nikki was going off on her own now...she was riding his monster cock and loving it! He turned her around and buried his face in her tits as she flew up and down his cock, squealing and moaning like a bitch! He kept pace, thrusting back to meet her! Her head was banging into the roof of the bus, but she didnt care...she just kept riding that monster like a cowgirl! Her huge tits were bouncing around, and the look on her face was too much...before long, he was ready to cum again!

"Whos your daddy?" He said, smacking her ass as she rode him, her head thrown back in pain and pleasure.
"Ugh! Please...I....Ouch!"
"I said whos your daddy?" He said, smacking her ass even harder.
"Ohgod...You...your my daddy!" She screamed, and that was enough. Geroge pushed her onto the floor and knelt on her, straddling her chest...she instinctively reached up and grabbed his cock, and finished the job, bringing him to another orgasm! This time, she felt the full force of his balls as his cock erupted, shooting huge, sticky threads of cum that covered her face and tits! He gave 9 or ten heaves before his cock finally started to soften, leaving her covered in white, hot cum. George wiped his cock with her hair and sat back down, catching his breath after that fuckfest.

Nikki tried to think of something to say...anything that could retain her dignity. But of course, there was nothing. She had just been deflowered by the biggest cock in the state, and she had loved it! Shed even had her first orgasms to prove it! She tried to stand, but her ravaged body was still too weak from being fucked...she just layed there, /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum.
"You got no idea how famous your gonna be..." The cameraman said, tracing the camera down her body. "Oh, what do ya know...were at moon street!"
"What? Really?!" Nikki said anxiously. She managed to sit up and started wiping the cum off her body with her hands, but all she really did was spread it around...

"Yep, were here! Come on, get dressed!" He said, throwing her shirt over her, and helping her to her feet. She quickly put her skirt on, and the cameraman slid the door open and gently pushed her out.
"Hey...wait...this isnt..." SCREEEEECH! The men sped off down the road, leaving Nikki stranded in the middle of the countryside, her face and hair still covered in sticky threads! She chased them down the road for a minute before giving up, and sat on a nearby fence.

After a minute, a car pulled up, and another young man stuck his head out the window. " need a ride to the city? Bet youre here for spring break, arent ya?" Nikki was too tired to yell...but she was too tired to walk back. These boys looked a bit nicer than the others....maybe she could go with them...